A beginner’s guide to motherhood

Hi! My name is Ashtyn and welcome to Mama Mafia!

As of June 2020, I am a new mom to my daughter Amelia and I am married to the love of my life Reagan, as of October 2020. Yes – 2020 was definitely a big year for us! We had so many exciting new changes happening and it will definitely be one to remember for a lifetime. Aside from 2020 being known for being “that year”, we actually had a pretty great year with so many wonderful additions and new life adventures that I will forever be grateful for. We have three dogs – Ellie May, Rouxdi, and Rouxbee. Still don’t really know how this happened (haha) but we are one big happy family and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. We are based out of the Lone Star State of Texas and are very proud of where we come from. I grew up a military kid so I was very fortunate to be able to experience living in all kinds of places growing up. I have a deep love for experiencing new things and can never be in one place for too long. I like to say I have a gypsy soul because, well, I do.

Finding out I was pregnant with Amelia was definitely a surprise, and an exciting one at that. Prior to Amelia’s great arrival, I really struggled with what to expect, what to do, and what to plan (I am still learning and likely always will be). I just remember feeling so overwhelmed with how much information there was out there that I was beginning to feel emotionally exhausted through my research. I decided to start a blog to log my journey with Amelia and to hopefully provide some insight to any new, or experienced moms, all in one place.

About the name – Mama Mafia. One of the first ideas that came to mind was a secret society of badass moms helping each other (I truly don’t know, I have a wild imagination haha). I just thought it fit and I came up with the concept fairly quickly. For those that truly know me – I may seem a little rough around the edges, rock my own style, am keen to a darker aesthetic, and might go against the grain at times. I wasn’t really into coming up with something more innocent and “girly”, if you will (no offense to the girly girls here). I needed something that shouted it was a part of me in the sense of being different, mysterious, daring. I also tend to cuss like a sailor and speak my mind so why not form a blog surrounded with the idea of badass moms in mind?!

Anyways – I’m glad you’re here. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please make yourself at home. Let’s talk! Please comment your feedback on my posts. What do you want to see content of? What are you curious about? What has been on your mind that I can look into for you? If you need someone at any time, please contact me. I’m here for you.

Much love! xx