A beginner’s guide to motherhood

Being a first time mom myself, I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed as to what to get ready for my new coming baby. In fact, I was so stressed that I put off doing my registry for a long time, to include everything else. I figured I’d get it figured out eventually before Amelia came, but man did time fly by too fast. Once I decided to get started on Amelia’s registry, I decided to go with Amazon. I figured this would be a great option, given that I use Amazon quite often and there seems to always be a great selection of items from many suppliers. Given that I was finally getting started on the registry, I literally had no idea what to put on there at first. So daunting, to say the least, oh my goodness! Below I’ve compiled the important things to help refrain from adding unnecessary items (in my opinion, of course). These are also what really helped us out through the process.

  1. Baby Bag

Definitely one of the top must-haves on the registry, if you don’t already have one! Amazon has a great selection of all kinds. Trust me when I say this bag will be your new purse. After having Amelia I rarely carried my purse. Now that I’ve got a better handle on being a mom, I actually carry a purse again. I purchased this baby bag from Amazon and I love it. Very roomy and can hold so many items, including a nice area to carry bottles in the front of the bag. Also comes with convenient clips to attach to the stroller.

Purchase The Hafmall Diaper Bag Here!

2. Diapers and Wipes

Definitely want to make sure you’ve got diapers and wipes on your registry! These are probably going to be a few of the items you’ll be spending the most money on. Have people purchase them for you when you can! We love Pampers and Huggies, personally. Of course, you’ll find what you prefer to use, what works well for you baby, and what works in your price range.

Purchase Pampers Diapers On Amazon Here!

Pampers Wipes Here!

Purchase Huggies On Amazon Here!

Huggies Wipes Here!

Don’t forget to sign up for your Pampers and Huggies rewards! The points add up quick and it’s so easy to do!

Sign Up For Pampers Rewards Here

Sign Up For Huggies Rewards Here or with code “GGYPD”

3. Stroller, Car Seat Travel System

Definitely do your research on the right stroller for you! After all, you’re definitely going to need this if you plan on taking your precious baby anywhere safely. Highly, HIGHLY recommend the Chicco Bravo Travel System! We have the exact one below and I seriously cannot recommend this enough.

Purchase Your Chicco Bravo Travel System Here!

4. Onesies, Socks, Baby Outfits

You can never go wrong with a large amount of onesies around! Especially when your newborn baby is constantly pooping and spitting up, it’s good to have replacements at your leisure. Definitely feel free to add the necessities too – such as socks, hand gloves, cute baby outfits, and footie pajamas.

Purchase Newborn Onesies Here!

Purchase Footsie Pajamas Here!

5. Burp Cloths

Keep a large surplus of burp cloths – just trust me! We started with these…

Muslin 100% Cotton Burp Cloths

and these SUPER SOFT…

Burt’s Bees Burp Cloths

6. HaaKaa Manual Breast Pump

At first I wasn’t sure if I needed a “manual breast pump” but I was so glad I got this awesome thing! When I was breast feeding this thing was awesome to have! I’d latch Amelia to one side and have the HaaKaa on the other side collecting any milk that spilled out as Amelia fed. Can’t tell you how many times this came in handy to help with not wasting my milk! If you plan on breast feeding, I recommend having one of these! Also, a little story… I forgot my breast pump one time during an overnight stay and this came in handy to help pump excess milk. Definitely saved my boobies from pain!

Purchase Your Haakaa Pump Here!

7. Portable Pack and Play

Gotta have a Pack and Play! I actually used this instead of purchasing a bassinet to use in our bed room for Amelia when she was a newborn prior to sleeping in her own crib. Definitely a great and useful gift from the registry. We also use this quite often when we travel! This is the one we have…

Purchase Yours Here!

8. Re-usable Nursing Pads

Definitely come in handy for breast feeding moms! I prefer to use reusable options when I can versus single use.

Recommend These Nursing Pads!

9. Children’s Books

Start collecting for your baby’s book collection 🙂

10. Car Accessories

Car Mirror To See Baby

Window Shades

11. Boppy Brand

There are definitely many options of breast feeding pillows out there so be sure to choose what YOU prefer. I really enjoyed having this Boppy pillow for our journey. I also can’t forget to mention how much Amelia LOVED the Boppy newborn lounger! Oh my gosh, this thing was a dream for us. I could easily plop her on it with her close to me as I folded laundry, laid in bed, or just stare at her. Love both of these items!

Original Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow

Boppy Newborn Lounger

12. Pacifiers

Amelia LOVED these pacifiers…

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers

Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle Pacifier

13. It Seem Crazy But It WORKS!

Highly recommend the Nose Frida compared to the traditional bulbs! So much more effective, easy to clean, and very simple to use.

Nose Frida

14. Bottles

There are soooo many bottles to choose from and I personally just went with the best reviews through my research. We use the Avent bottles all the time and highly recommend them! These gift sets are really neat..

Avent Baby Bottles

15. Baby Body Wash (Choose 1 or 2)

Anyone else obsessed with how baby shampoo smells? Not yet? Well, you will be very soon. With all the options out there, be sure to keep it to about 1 or 2 options for baby body wash/shampoo on your registry. I made the mistake of adding about 4 or 5 and was left with too many. I ended up giving some out as baby shower gifts to friends.

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

16. Baby Towels and Washcloths

You could certainly use the regular bath towels in your bathroom but I love how soft and gentle baby towels and washcloths tend to be. Not to mention, how cute Amelia looks in the little hoods!

Bamboo Washcloths

Hudson Baby Hooded Towel

17. Changing Pad / Portable Changing Pad

I actually found this changing pad through a Youtube video of a mom recommendation and we have loved this thing! So comfortable for Amelia when changing and super simple to clean!

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

As far as portable diaper changing pads, I highly recommend having one as they come in handy in all kinds of places!

Portable Diaper Changing Pad

18. Diaper Creams

There are definitely MANY different options out there, and you’ll likely have to see what works best for your baby. My recommendations are:

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste



19. Swaddle Blankets and/or Velcro/Zip Swaddles

Recommend having at least a few on hand for your new bundle of joy. Also, highly recommend practicing swaddling if you don’t already know. Totally took me a while to learn a good swaddling technique – haha!

Swaddle Blankets

Zip Swaddles

You guys! I’m serious! These are a LIFE SAVER when you have a newborn that needs to be swaddled!

20. Travel N’ Go Bassinet

We LOVE this thing! So easy to take on short trips away when we don’t want to bring the Pack and Play. So glad I put this on my registry because we have used this so much!

Purchase here!

21. Bottle Brush For Cleaning

Definitely will need these! Recommend having a few on hand for when you need to replace.

We Love These Bottle Brushes

22. Bibs

Love These Burt’s Bees Bibs!

23. Waterproof Mattress Cover and Crib Sheets

Waterproof mattress covers help with easy accident clean up! Definitely have a few of these on hand, including crib sheets!

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Crib Sheets