A beginner’s guide to motherhood

I remember how stressed I felt at the thought of having absolutely no idea of what to get ready for an expecting baby. I remember being 8 months pregnant, getting close to the end of my apartment lease, working full time, being exhausted constantly, and just feeling overwhelmed with EVERYTHING. Specifically having no thought process as to what to even take with me to the hospital when that time came for Amelia to arrive. Being an avid Youtube user, I watched countless videos of moms recommending what to bring in your hospital bag, what to get ready, etc. etc. Well, I’d like to share with you what my, what seemed endless, research concluded and what I ended up bringing with me to the hospital.

  1. The Hospital Bag

Yes – the main character in question. The physical lifeline of fiber material that will hold everything you need when it is time to head to the hospital in the expectant arrival of your new bundle of joy. I recommend 1 bag total for you, so be sure it’s large enough to contain everything you decide to bring with you. My husband Reagan packed his own bag. I pretty much combined mine and Amelia’s things together in my bag to make it easier in the process. The less to carry the better.

2. Slippers

If you don’t already have a favorite pair of slippers – get ya some! When it’s time for you to get up and walk around outside of that uncomfortable hospital bed, you’re going to be relying on your comfy slippers. I ended up purchasing slippers with memory foam soles and non slip rubber bottoms. They were so easy to slip on/off at any time I needed them. Especially the after process, post c-section.

3. Toiletries

Make sure you bring everything you need as far as toiletries go! I recommend a nice little toiletries bag to hold your necessities.

This is what I brought:

Face Wash
Face Moisturizer
Makeup Remover Wipes
Body Wipes
Dry Shampoo *MUST HAVE*
Makeup (BB cream & mascara)
Always Discreet Underwear (LIFE SAVER)
Nipple Butter

To be completely honest: you probably won’t want to shower at the hospital. I personally did not. I just used body wipes and my makeup remover wipes to clean my face. I had Amelia through unplanned C-section and, let me tell ya, it was rough to put it lightly. Dry shampoo was my savior through all of this, although I had my hair up 90% of the time in the hospital. Speaking of make up – I checked into the hospital upon induction with a full face of make up. After 24 hours of labor and having Amelia, I was only putting on mascara to help me feel sane as I looked at my new body in the mirror. We’re all different – do whatever makes you feel comfortable, what keeps you sane during this process. Highly recommend bringing yourself a good lotion and chapstick because your skin/lips gets hella dry in the hospital. Lastly, Always Discreet underwear was such a life saver for me. I’m so glad I heard of this recommendation – I am constantly telling new moms about these. The mesh panties and giant pads they give you in the hospital are great….to a point. Too much hassle for me post op C-section. (Shout out to my husband Reagan for seeing me at my worst and helping me get these on when I could barely hold myself up). Take my word on this one – get. the. adult. diapers.

4. Comfy Robe/PJ’s Of Your Choice

Great option to feel a little more human outside of those old hospital gowns, trust me. I purchased a couple soft kimono-style robes off of Amazon (link below). Some women prefer a comfortable set of PJ’s. Whichever you prefer – bring it with you. So worth it.

5. Electronics

Phone chargers, charging stations, tablets/laptops, charging cords. Be sure to bring any and everything you need in this department. For significant others especially.

6. Baby Stuff

You’re going to the hospital with a baby in your belly and you’ll soon have that little miracle in your arms. Make sure you bring what you want baby to have. BEFORE YOU PACK ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – keep note that the hospital actually WILL have just about everything you need for baby. All I recommend you bring from home is 3 onesies, 2 cute outfits (for pictures, etc), burp cloths, socks/hand gloves, 1 velcro/zip swaddle, 1 swaddle blanket (if you prefer not use the hospital ones). They will send you home with any left over things from the baby cart, trust me when I say it will be everything you need. Don’t stress too much about this part momma.

7. Clothes For Mommy

This is so important – do not skip this step! Bring comfy, baggy clothes. Girl, trust me on this one. I brought a loose fitting dress, to include sweat pants and a baggy shirt. Needless to say, I wore the dress home upon discharge. Don’t worry about bringing underwear – you won’t need it. Comfy socks if you want, although the hospital will provide those thick “non-slip” grip socks. Nursing bras and your nursing bra pads. Covid-19 masks.

DO NOT recommend tight fitting clothes. Be comfortable babe – you deserve it after everything you just went through.

8. Pillows/Blanket For Significant Other

We brought a pillow AND blanket for Reagan to use while we were at the hospital. I knew the hospital room lounge furniture wasn’t going to be the most comfortable for him so I wanted to make sure we brought these necessities for him. We happened to have an awesome GIANT warm blanket for him at home, so that’s the one we brought with us. Of course, this didn’t make it into my hospital bag but we definitely carried it in.

9. Snacks/Drinks

I do recommend bringing some snacks and drinks for your stay, if you can. With Covid-19 still looming, which will likely be for a very long time, most, if not all, hospitals have protocols in place for safety. Bring snacks that we last at least 2/3 days. We brought our little Rtic cooler with us to hold our snacks and drinks. The hospital will certainly provide where they can but they generally only feed dad/SO one meal, included with your stay, depending on your insurance. Reagan was fortunate to leave the hospital, grab food, and come back to our room. However, that might not be the case at all hospitals. I suggest calling ahead of time to determine this information so you all are prepared.


Not really hospital bag related but this is so so important! Here’s your reminder! 🙂

I hope my list of What’s In My Hospital Bag helps you and fellow new moms in the process. Please leave a comment below about your thoughts or questions!

Talk Soon! xx